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Vlc 1.1.4 Rev2 Crashes when making file associations

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Vlc 1.1.4 Rev2 Crashes when making file associations

-Using VLC in my pc (not installed in a usb drive)

-Windows XP Pro SP3

Steps I did:

-Double clicked VLCPortable.exe (running from app/vlc/vlc.exe has the same result... is there a difference in running from this instead of the xxxportable.exe on root?)

-Went to preferences

-File associations

-Set up what I wanted (everything except playlists)

-Clicked apply

-Vlc crashed

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Same thing happens to me. Did you get it fixed?

John T. Haller
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Setting file associations directly within any portable app is unsupported. You should us something like Cafe, eXpreSSo, Convey or Portable File Associations until file associations debuts in the PA.c Platform.

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İt is possible

I downloaded Portable Chromium Browser from here:

I can set this browser as default browser of windows. and it works great. When i create a file on any place (directory) of windows, it opens the portable chromium browser.

Why we can not do the same think on VLC or our ( applications?

Aluísio A. S. G.
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Other computer

Did you try moving it to another computer?

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Why not install the non-portable version?

If you are using it on your PC, and adding file associations, why not just install the normal VLC?

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I (I'm sure also some other

@solanus @kAlug
I (I'm sure also some other users) don't use portable apps because of I can use them on other machines (that is also an feature for me ofcorse). But why I use them:

I need to install always new copyies of windows on Virtual Machines. I don't need to install again again the softwares. I just copy portableapps forlder inside virtual box and i use them. Also i am doing the same think on host machine.

So adding associations is needed for me.

Also Windows is always slowing down after every installation of any program.

Those are not good reasons to use portable apps?

If it was not possible to use associations for filetypes, I would say ok to you. But it is possible (i saw it, on my example you can read it and you can try it) please make something like that.

After associations of filetypes, the user is responsible for all errors which will happens on Windows. Or the user can make default the others softwares which has installed before on the machine. Or user can install the softwares normmaly and he can associte the filetypes again (as he did before from portable app).

Thank you!

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Why do you have to keep loading a VM Windows? Why not just use the base windows?

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@vf2nsr (As another note: we

@vf2nsr (As another note: we have many virtual machines not just for VBOX.) We always testing and re-formatting virtual-machines because many reasons which the main of them is to tampering (i don't know what is the word in english - to test something) windows.

Also i told you that I put them independed partittion from Windows and i use them every time on the same machine after format windows (not for virtual-boxes but i'm talking for host (normal) machines).

Chris Morgan
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Not our goal

The usage situation that you're speaking of is not one that we support or intend to support any time in the near future; our primary focus is on portable usage, not local usage. Thus we are unlikely to put much effort at all into improving its viability for local usage.

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Ok. But...

OK it is not our goal... Now I try 7zip portable. It can associate the filetypes of system with it. And I can open all archive filetypes properly with 7zip. Is there any difference of 7zip or VLC's associations theorically?

Also when the developers make an application portabe, they also try to block the association functions of app? Or the developers make app portable and they don't look about association?

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They are different applications

The base apps for VLC, Chrome, and 7Zip were created by different developers, so it's quite possible that their internal systems for adding file associations are actually different. VLC is a complex app.

The developers here, when they make an app portable, don't intentionally block file associations. But, as it's been said, direct file associations are not supported (which means that they aren't tested during development, and nobody is spending time on making sure they work). Yes, you got 7zip and Chrome to associate file types - you got lucky there. There's no guarantee that it will work in any Portable App, though.

That being said -
The developers and community DO recognize that file associations are useful, so there is are several efforts to add that to PortableApps so that it works not just for people like yourself, but also for people using apps portably.

The current solutions:
There are two separate apps in development that work quite well in creating file associations. They are called PortableFileAssociator and eXpresso.
Choose one to use, and then you can use it to set all your file associations for everything. The nice thing is that it not only works for apps like VLC, but also for other apps that don't have built-in association functions.
Please note that in order for the file associations to work, you need to have PFA (or eXpresso) actually running.

In the future, file association functionality will be built into the PortableApps menu.

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I understand. Thanks for

I understand. Thanks for informations...

PortableFileAssociator and eXpresso are perfect... Why did not somebody write-suggest it on this thread?!...

Thank you again...

Gord Caswell
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John did

John did above, he just didn't link directly to the threads.

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