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Different behavior of mater password prompt with

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Team Loco
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Different behavior of mater password prompt with

Background: I use the master password option to secure my portable firefox browser.

Previous to, I would launch the browser, the splash screen would appear, and then I would be prompted to enter my password before I could continue launching the browser, or use it at all.

Now with, I can launch the browser, and use it no problem *until* I come to a site where it tries to autofill my info. Then it prompts me with the dialog to enter my master password.

I personally like the previous behavior, because if I misplace my usb drive, I don't want someone to be able to look at my bookmarks or poke around in my extension to find usernames and/or email addresses.

Anybody else have this problem?

John T. Haller
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Supposed To Work

The way it's working now is apparently the way it's supposed to work, at least from my reading of various forum posts on mozillaZine. The Master Password is only supposed to protect your password store, not protect access to running Firefox. Not sure why it worked the other way for you before, but I've seen at least one other instance of it.

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Yeah. I've had Master

Yeah. I've had Master Password Timeout for quite a while, and I've never been able to lock the browser.


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They don't need to be in

They don't need to be in firefox to do that. You're bookmarks are stored in bookmarks.html, your extensions are in a folder called "extensions". The master password only guards passwords and nothing else.

If you want to protect your firefox installation you need to look elsewhere rather than the master password.

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This can be done...

with the aid of the extention "ProfilePassword" Though it is not a 100% secure, as anyone whome has any konlwedge of Firefox will be able to work around it, it is a simple solution for a little bit of extra security.

It asks for a password before firefox loads.

Give it a try.

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