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PChat 2.0 shaping up

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Submitted by Zach Thibeau on September 21, 2010 - 8:38pm

Ok PChat 2.0 I kept on saying it and never gave any real details on it's progress, well this is a progress report, thanks to a friend of mine who is more adept at c++ than I am has been assisting me in creating an entirely new interface that isn't dependent on GTK+ but on WxWidgets, so this means 1) PChat will still be cross platformable and 2) we will get a more native look for each operating system it's ported too.

Right now looks wise it will look the same as the GTK interface, mainly it's familiar to those who use XChat 2.8.8/PChat 1.x line but the twist is that there will be a toolbar for quick access to PChat functions such as connect/discconect, a quick load for Plugins (once we get plugin support to work), and also thanks to wxaui, a nice component for wxWidgets toolkit myself and Luis (the friend I was talking about) will allow you to rearrange the interface the way you want (not done yet, most likely won't be in the first release both the tech preview or alpha/beta)

Anyways here is a quick look at the main interface as it stands right now (please note the toolbar will be added, just forgot to code it in but it is a planned feature for sure.)


as PChat has become my favourite IRC client Wink

Though, the native interface would IMO look worse than the GTK+ thingy of the previous versions.

But at all, keep up your work Smile

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the only real thing about gtk+ was that it was a huge library and the dependencies were a large load to carry just to actually run PChat, recoding it in wxWidgets solves that issue as it can either be compiled as a shared library (aka dll's) or as a static library (all built into PChat.exe) were as gtk it's shared, this will allow for easier redistribution, Theming in 2.0 for the time being will be most icons, and interface wise you'll be able to drag and drop your User List and Channel/Server list gui.

Like I said hopefully we can get a tech preview in soon.

your friendly neighbourhood moderator Zach Thibeau