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vtiger portable

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vtiger portable

i have been using a CRM sw called vtiger. in fact i always wanted a portable CRM sw, basically that can store my complete list of contacts, store all transactions that happen with the client, & give me various reports, which i can use daily. & off course i wanted it to be open source. moreover i wanted that it should use my portable thunderbird datastore for contacts.

vtiger is a web based product & works on the wamp / lamp architecture. the installation is a bit elaborate exercise, but the new version in beta ver 5.x works beautifully. it does satisfy most of my requirements. however i wanted a portable version. i did manage to locate a portable version made by some french company, & am using that version, though it is older version, & it seems that not much work or development is happening to maintain the portable version. further i could not locate any forums to view my opinion or problems or suggestions. vtiger forums for a portable product might not get the desired attention.

this can be a promising project & much sought after. it is a extremely useful product for the biggest of the corporates & individuals. however, if a portable version becomes available that can sync data with the main masterdata, u cannot have it better.

my suggestion that we use portable xampp to run the portable version of vtiger crm.