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Pidgin: userprofile setting not working in 2.0b

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Pidgin: userprofile setting not working in 2.0b

I moved PortableGaim.ini from the PortableGAIMCode directory into the same directory as the PortableGaim.exe sits as directed in the readme. I set the Userprofile directive in the ini to be "userprofile". I created this directory. But still, when I run the app and make accounts it always stores them in settings/.gaim


I would like to be able to run a 2nd instance of gaim using a different account profile entirely (meaning, two different instances with different msn/aim/icq accounts in each)


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Next Release

There is a bug in the current launcher around using custom INI files. Since most people don't use INIs, only a couple people have encountered it. It'll be fixed in the next release in a few days.

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