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More portables..........

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More portables..........

Even these can go on a USB stick:

inkscape (open source vector graphic editor)
blender3d (open source 3d app)
hydrairc (open source irc client)

they all come in .zip format

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even more portable apps....

some other apps that run on usb-stick:

-f-prot for DOS (Antivir)
-HJ-Zip (file compresion)
-Foxit PDF Reader (well... PDF Reader :-))
-i-ftp (FTP Client)
-Trillian (MP Messenger)
-XMPlay (Audio Player)
-XN-View (Image Viewer)

I use (or used) all of them and they worked at least with me. As far as I know none of them is Open Source but all of them are Freeware (There is a Pro-Version of Trillian that is not free, but the Basic Version is fine enough; F-Prot for DOS is only free for private users).

hexagonsun (not verified)
Foxit PDF Reader (well...

Foxit PDF Reader (well... PDF Reader Smiling)
It writes itself as standard application in the registry.... its not that what it sould do if its portable.

An (all) Tools you are wrote in your Post are NOT OpenSource. That means not possible/illegal. Free(ware) doesnt mean free to modify.


Here my list what i want as an portable version:

Games -> Emu -> ScummVM
Audio & Video -> Audio Editors -> Audacity
Audio & Video -> Audio Editors (Ripper) -> CDex
Audio & Video -> Media Players -> Media Player Classic
Photos & Design -> Gimp
Utilities -> File Compression -> 7zip (but i think its portable - isnt it?)

Dan2552 (not verified)
if i remember right, ScummVM

if i remember right, ScummVM works portable already... doesn't it come in a ZIP?

hexagonsun (not verified)
Yes. But it writes the Games

Yes. But it writes the Games into the Windows directory...
If i plug my USB to an another PC i have to add the games before i can play.
If i pugg it out it leaves an File on the PC.

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It`s a list of what I use not what I want, so there is no need to modify them as they are already portable (cancel Foxit PDF Reader, then). If you`d read more carefully before you answer, you`d have noticed that I did mention they`re not Open Source. The place for wish-lists btw. is `Request Apps`.

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more portables

I just update my site, 12 more portable application, including 2 firewalls, a undelete tool and much more, while this site is still in devellopement, feel free to use mine Smile I will propably shutdown mine in a future collaboration...

hundred of portable applications:

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