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Toucan 3.0.3: Crash in msvcr90.dll, any ideas?

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Toucan 3.0.3: Crash in msvcr90.dll, any ideas?

Toucan 3.0.3 crashes (in msvcrt90.dll, I believe) after running for about 15 minutes (about halfway through) on a Sync from my portable disc drive to my USB stick with a total of ~4GB. (No hardware failure, a Windows copy or rsync works fine.)

EDIT: Edited title, crash is in "msvcr90.dll", not "msvcrt90.dll".

I’m running it under WinXP+SP3 German, set Toucan to use the English language, and the following settings:

Jobname: Backup auf Stick
Function: Mirror
File Checks: [x] File Size, [x] Modified Time, [x] Full Comparison
Other: [x] Retain Timestamps, [x] Retain Attributes

Source: G:\
Destination: H:\

Rules: Ausklammern beim Backup auf Stick
\Autorun.inf — File to Exclude
\PortableApps\VirtualBoxPortable\ — Folder to Exclude
\RECYCLER — Folder to Exclude
\System Volume Information — Folder to Exclude
\Install — Folder to Exclude

The portable disc is drive G: (NTFS, 500GB), the USB stick is a Class 10 SDHC card (FAT32, 8GB).

Before you ask: The only files >4GB are my Virtual Machines in \PortableApps\VirtualBoxPortable\… and those are excluded above.

Unfortunately, Toucan doesn’t write a log file in this case. (This should probably be created and appended to WHILST the operation is running, instead of being created afterwards — thus no log file in case of crashes …)

Any ideas?

N.B.: Ever thought of implementing »rsync«? (Not necessarily the PROTOCOL — though that would be nice too — but at least the ALGORITHM.) It would save such a lot of transfer volume, and make for a safe file differences detection.

Steve Lamerton
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was planning to add more detailed logging to the next release anyway as an option so I shall update this thread when I post a pre-release. Otherwise if you are interested I can upload a debugging version which might produce a more useful crash report. Also if you are willing you could try using a plain copy somewhere else or without the Full Comparison check turned on which I suspect could be the problem.

Last seen: 10 years 3 weeks ago
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Will try w/o full comparison

Thanks for the response, Steve. Will try the exact same setup with "Full Comparison" switched off and let you know here.


Sorry to say, I misnamed "msvcr90.dll" above. The actual crash shows like this, even with "Full Comparison" set to OFF:

AppName: toucan.exe     AppVer:     ModName: msvcr90.dll
ModVer: 9.0.30729.4148     Offset: 0006ccb5
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