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I have searched the forums and just can not seem to find an answer.

I have TBP setup and working quite well, I recently bought a Win7 laptop. I have installed TB onto it. Is there a way to copy over all my settings from TBP to TB? I read John's info on doing it from TB to TBP and tried to reverse the process but TB does not seem to recognize any of the accoounts or profiles I copied?

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Check on Mozillazine

The details of transferring a profile are found on Mozillazine:

The basics are:

  • Create the new profile (important!)
  • Shut down all Thunderbird instances
  • Pick up the portable profile's data
  • Copy it into the installed profile's data area

You would do well if you made backups of everything before messing around with this stuff.

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Short answer...

That was the detailed answer. If you want to carry everything, here is the simple technique.

1. In Windows Explorer, check your folder preferences to make sure hidden files and folders are displayed.

2. Start Thunderbird and create an account.

3. Close everything (i.e. both Thunderbird and Thunderbird Portable)

4. Transfer the contents of your profiles from one place to another.

Precisely, the profile for Thunderbird Portable will be at :
X:\PortableApps\ThunderbirdPortable\Data\profile (take everything in that folder)

Your destination folder will be in a hidden folder at:

Remove everything that was in the destination folder and replace it with the content of the folder that has the profile for Thunderbird Portable. That way, you will have your e-mail accounts, your extensions, your address book, your agenda, all previous e-mails, etc.

5. Start Thunderbird and expect a relatively long startup process.

P.S. DO NOT delete your Thunderbird Portable profile until you are sure that the transfer has worked. I have used that technique often, but I don't offer any warranty.

Michel Gagnon
Montréal (Québec, Canada)

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