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TeamViewer 5.1.9290 -- suggested changes

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TeamViewer 5.1.9290 -- suggested changes

TeamViewer v5.1.9290 is out since 2010-10-06.

May I again suggest some improvements to whoever currently develops the offical PA.c version?

My suggested changes for TeamViewer v5.1.91.92 still apply, plus the files


need to be moved between "Data" and "App\teamviewer" folders upon program start and end, respectively. (Only if they exist, of course.)

These are created by setting "LogIncomingConnections=1" and "LogOutgoingConnections=1" in [Settings] in TeamViewer.ini.

Hope this helps creating an even better TeamViewer 5.1.9290 experience for all of us!

Constantin F.
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TeamViewer 5.1.9290 -- suggested changes

Hi Moonbase,

Thanks for sharing your suggestions and for helping to make TeamViewer a better tool. Our product management will have at it!

Constantin Falcoianu
TeamViewer Germany

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