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Currently I only use Toucan for backing up data using the differential method. I then have a VBScript set to run once a week that creates a folder with the day (Saturday in my case) setup in "yyyy-mm-dd" format, and moves the basefile and the update files into it. Then the next time it backs up, I get a new basefile and the cycle starts again.

My question though, is whether or not Toucan's scripting ability can handle this kind of thing. I'd love to have one task for Toucan and simply allow it to handle archiving and all. If this isn't possible, let me know. I would however, love some information and tutorials on the scripting that is built into Toucan. Thanks!

Steve Lamerton
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I think this should be possible, the following script is somewhat untested but it should give you a pretty good idea of what to do Smile

--Get the current day
day ="%A")
if day == "Saturday" then
    --On saturdays we simply copy the weeks backups to the archive
    sync([[C:\DailyBackupFolder]], [[C:\BackupArchive\@date@]], "Move")
    --On other days we run the normal backup job

It that isn't quite what you wanted please say and I will try to edit it Smile I will add it as an example to the help file too to help others if that is ok?

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