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A few issues I found in and suggestions

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A few issues I found in and suggestions

Granted I don't have the latest version (just found out as I was going to post this, I will download an try the new version later today but I thought I would post this all the same).

Shouldn't the .7z extension be used when 7-zip format is used?

Do you have to save the job name before you actually start running it? I seem to have items being backed up even though I had other folders selected and another destination specified.

Shouldn't when you click "add" and yes to "saving current job" shouldn't it save? In my case it does not.

Changes made to a backup's to saved job don't stay saved(for removals at least). For example I added folder, saved it, then removed it, click save looks ok but if you reload the job it is still there. Or if you start the job it tries to backup the removed folder. The only way I found to really "save" is it to click "add" say yes to save current job. Then create a new job name. Go back to the original and your changes are saved.

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you could let me know what is and isn't fixed in 3.0.3 that would be great! Off hand you can set the extension to whatever you like, but it won't change automatically in-case you set something specific. I think some of the saving stuff has been mentioned by another posted though so I will take a look.

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