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Torpark and proxy

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Torpark and proxy


Is there a way of using Torpark even if i'm behind a company/ school proxy?


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I try to connect Torpark

I try to connect Torpark behind a company's proxy, but it seems that Torpark not support it.

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As a general rule of thumb, most schools and companys use proxy servers to funnel there traffic through and log all activity. This being said, they also generaly will disable chaining proxies as there would be first. You have to go through it so nothing you do will bypass it forever. I have found a few ways past our corp FW but I expect them to be shutdown shortly as they track those sites and block them with there filter rule sets.

This all comes from one of there own IT weenies. They block me and I bypass. They block again and I find another way. If you have a need to do anonymous surfing, do it from home. It is not worth the hassel to use something that will be blocked very quickly.

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