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Confused about making an app

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Confused about making an app

Guys i'm just learning how to make a portable app wit PortableApps.comDeveloper'sKit..

i used regshot to take an initial snapshot and after installing the required software i took the 2Nd shot and saw the changes in .html format.. Now i dont know wat to do.. There are some registry changes and some changes @ file level like creating folders in %APPDATA% and other folders..

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It looks a little confusing at first. Take a look at Sumtra PDF and see what that looks like. It is a really simple program and it is easy to understand.

Take a look at this page right here specifically step four. Make sure you download NSIS and then look at the Sumtra PDF code (located in SumtraPDF/Other/Source/SumtraPDFPortable.nsi)
It will really show you how the setup works.
If you need more help go ahead and post.

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