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Change profile location

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Change profile location

I have set a folder for personal data I regularly synchronize between a usb key, containing ThunderbirdPortable, and a desktop computer running standard Thunderbird software. The idea is to get my mail folders, address books as well as environment (extensions, themes, accounts, options) identical between my usb key and my home computer, what ever the software version used, and keep all changes automatically.

But I cannot re-locate the folder "profile" to a personal data folder with the portable edition, thing that i can do easily by adding "-ProfileManager" after the standard thunderbird.exe.

Is there a trick to perform this change of directory with ThunderbirdPortable? As it is still within the same portable disk, there should be no problem of non-fixed drive letter if using relative path.

Thanks in advance for your answer.

Ryan McCue
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What about

Libertà Sync?
R McCue
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I found this Thunderbird extension

called Mr Tech. It adds a bunch of functionality for managing files and user information. You can use it to manage your profile information.:

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Mr Tech is not for profile managing

It manages themes and plugins. It also shows some profile info and that's it. No profile managing.

Isn't there really a way to choose your profile directory?

I want to have all my profiles in one directory. I don't want to have the profile of each program (firefox, gaim, etc) spread all over my removable HD in the directories.

And if you think about it, all this portable way-of-life would be much easier if you keep all your stuff (namely profiles, not only data) in one spot, as in linux.

Sure you can use PUSS to synchronize between two directories in your removable HD but that's just a waste of space.

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Found it!

Risking answering myself, I found elsewhere that you just need to edit the \PortableApps\ThunderbirdPortable\Other\ThunderbirdPortableSource\ThunderbirdPortable.ini file, changing


... into any other relative path.

That also works for Firefox and Gaim. Sweet!

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