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Firefox Portable for MAC OS X -

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Firefox Portable for MAC OS X -

I am having tremendous success with Firefox Portable for Windows. However, I am new with Application Development on MAC OS, and I want to accomplish the same success using Firefox Portable for MAC OS X.

My questions are:

1.) How was built, compiled, and generated?
2.) Is there a FirefoxPortable.nsi version for Firefox Portable for MAC?
3.) If 2,) is yes, what editor and installer was used to accomplish this? Is it NSIS?
4.) I believe the NSIS Installer is for Windows only. Is there an installer like NSIS that can be used to build, compile, and generate a .app extension? If so what and where is it? If not, what can I use?

I sure hope Firefox Portable for MAC OS X will be as much fun and flexible to customize as its Windows counterpart. Thanks.

p.s. I do not want Cross-Platform_PortableFirefox_1.5_2. I want to use the DMG version.

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Running Mozilla Firefox and Firefox Portable on MAC OS

It appears that my Firefox Portable and Firefox use the same profile on MAC. I want my Firefox Portable to run simultaneously using their own separate profiles.

I have done this successfully with the Windows versions, tweaking FirefoxPortable.nsi and FirefoxPortable.ini. Where are the equivalent of these files with the MAC versions, and how can I accomplish this? Is it one of the .sh or .app files? Which one(s) and how?

I'd apprecaiate some quick response on this. Thanks.

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Don't know

The portable version of Firefox for Mac was not created here and isn't supported here.

Moved to Other Apps Forum.

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Portable Firefox for Mac

You can get Portable Firefox for Mac at

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