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TI 83+

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TI 83+

I have this program in my flash drive it works good on my personal PC, but i've tried to run it on one of the computers on Campus but it doesn't work properly because I'm not the admin of the computer and stuff like that. So maybe you guys can make it portable Apps.

I think it's pretty useful and can actually save a $100.

Let me know what you think and i can send it to you.


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there is a TI sync program that is FOSS but it was found that it cannot be done without admin rights due to it requireing a driver. it is not going to be truely portable ever Sad

TILIP. this is the new thread for its request. may the hope that it can be portablised LIVE.

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If I remember correctly, TILP

If I remember correctly, TILP itself is portable. The driver isn't. You would need to have an admin install it. Also, the prefered version is TIILP, which is the sucessor to TILP.

I think however the post is looking for VTi Beta 2.5. It requires admin rights because it stores data in HKLM. The Alpha of VTi, version 3 doesn't store data in HKLM. It still stores it in the registry.

It would be a simple thing for someone to look for my old package of VTi 2.5 and perhaps port the portablization code to VTi 3.0

I've tried to recompile VTi 2.5 from source, but I haven't quite managed it yet. It requires an OLD compiler that I don't think I've managed to find, or managed to successfully compile with.

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