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GIMP Portable Add-ons

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GIMP Portable Add-ons

I created a small project for adding on to Gimp Portable. I use Gimp as a professional and these add-ons are a must for me. I decided to create a small archive which would be easy to install into Gimp Portable.

Let me know if anyone has any questions. I may make a portable app out of it but I'd have to create my own custom installer because the PA.c Installer won't pack it since it's not a complete App... Just an add-on for an app.

GimpPortableExtras 0.1 (image)

What does this add-on for GimpPortable provide?
GAP 2.6 Plugin (Gimp Animation Plugin) (source)
G'MIC Plugin
New Guides Rule of Thirds Script
Gimp 2.6 Resource Pack

More to come...

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How about adding "Davids

How about adding "Davids Batch Processor"

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