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[Released] VirtuaWin Portable 4.3 Development Test 1

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[Released] VirtuaWin Portable 4.3 Development Test 1

Official Release: This application has been officially released and can be found here. Below is an outdated/unsupported version of VirtuaWin Portable.

Application: VirtuaWin
Category: Utilities
Description: VirtuaWin is a virtual desktop manager that allows you to have up to 4 desktops and comes with no unneeded features. Launcher: This portable app was made using the Launcher

Download VirtuaWin Portable 4.3 Development Test 1
.5 MB Download, .5 MB Installed
MD5: e49a993d8f22a649708e4336dc42d6f5

Release Notes
October 31, 2010: Initial Release


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Thanks for updating this.

Thanks for updating this. Works pretty smooth so far Smile

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Thank you for this

Hot Keys failed to register on initial startup but just deleted them in Setup and put my Alt+1 - Alt+4 in and all is well. That has always been the extent of my expertise with VirtuaWin. Not a clue about its bells and whistles, just like to have the capability of a lot of separate workspaces when dealing with issues in the field.

My stick touches just about every Windows OS (server/workstation) still in existance so trusting you will keep us informed if there is any interaction happening with Host machines that we don't want.

Thanks again.

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"Failed to assign hotkey" error

Looking at the Q&A Page on the VirtuaWin Site:

Q: I get a popup saying that hotkeys cannot be assigned upon startup.

A: Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel Hotkey conflicts with hotkey assignment on install of virtualwin resulting in error message "Failed to assign hotkey". Disabling the hotkey assigments from Intel Graphics Control Panel resolves the issue. Conflicting Hotkeys include ctl-alt-[right arrow] and ctl-alt-[left arrow].

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