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Rerouting folder shortcuts on menu

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Rerouting folder shortcuts on menu

Hi, I'm new here, though I've been using PortableApps for just under a year now. I'm wondering this: is there any way to reroute the folder shortcuts (e.g. My Documents, My Music, etc) to new locations? I'm wondering because I currently have ProtableApps installed on my MP3 player, and would like for the "My Music" link in the menu to direct to "%root%\MUSIC", instead of "%root%\Documents\Music"

Thanks in advance!

I greatly apologize if someone has asked something similar to this. I did conduct a few searches with varying keywords relating to this, and received no results.

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Not Possible...

It has been asked before and I think the answer is that currently there is no way to specify your own paths. I'm not sure whether there are plans to allow custom paths or not. You might want to check the (lengthy) Portable Apps Menu beta testing thread/s.

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