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alternative mini icons

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alternative mini icons

this is a sub mini icons for the platform

check this screenshot

I do not intend to modify or alter the original files
(backup you original files first!)

go to:

all icons involve in the platform resides there.
change it to whatever icons you might like!

one more thing the icon type is "png" not .ico! 24x24

i downloaded mine in this site its free!:

i hope this start a topic for icons.

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It's better to put them into a custom theme in 2.0 version

If you are using the 2.0 beta version of the platform (and by the screenshot, it looks like you are), it supports custom themes. Icons can be put into a custom theme file, and installed using the Options>Theme menu of the platform. When a custom theme is installed, it gets installed to
and the icons are in

There's a lot of discussion of custom themes for the 2.0 version in these forums, and I'm developing an app that helps people create custom themes.

Unfortunately, the version 1.6.1 does not support custom themes at all. Most newcomers to this site will use the official 1.6.1 version of the platform, which is not really intended for changing themes. If you want to force custom icons in 1.6.1, you would need to follow the instructions of the poster above.
However, a lot of more experienced users have been using the 2.0 beta version of the platform for a long time because of the additional features - so custom theme discussion tends to be geared for that version.

Anyway, thanks for the link, and welcome to!

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