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Shortcuts for DOSBox Portable

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Shortcuts for DOSBox Portable

Hello Everyone,

I'm just making this post to explain how to make a shortcut to run your favorite DOS games on any Windows computer and any drive letter. The only reason I'm posting this is because I couldn't find a single guide that explain all of this in together. I had to find a few different things scattered across the web to figure this out. The end result will actually be an .exe file instead of an actual shortcut, but they work just the same.

Step 1:
The first step is to create a separate .conf file which contains all of the commands required to open your game. In order to do this, copy and paste the one from the DOSBoxPortable folder located here on my drive: "\PortableApps\DOSBoxPortable\Data\settings\dosbox.conf". make sure that you put the file somewhere you don't need to move it because it will need to stay put after creating the executable shortcut.

Once you have your new dosbox.conf file, open it up and scroll down to the very bottom. Once there, add the commands like you would in the DOSBox window. for example:

MOUNT C \DOS BeCyIconGrabber, which uh... grabs icons lol, and the second is called Bat-To-Exe-Converter. which does exactly what it describes as well. The reason I added an icon grabber is because bat-to-exe-converter can build in an .ico file into the .exe for you.

Step 5:
This step is when you should extract your .ico file if there is one, or if you wish to make an .ico file and add it instead you can do that.

Step 6:
Finally all that is left is to build your .bat file into an .exe. This utility is pretty strait forward except in order to add the .ico file you need to select the Versioninformation tab. I don't recommend changing anything in the options tab unless you have a pretty good idea of what you're doing.

That's it we're done. Now you should be able to plug in your UFD on any Windows system and use your shortcut.

EDIT: The .exe files you produce can be dropped right into the PortableApps directory and be run from the PortableApps menu.

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Personally I prefer the easy

Personally I prefer the easy route by simply adding

>mount c %cd%\DOSBox

into my config file at the bottom... it does LITERALLY the same thing, without admin privileges

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I realise that it has been a

I realise that it has been a year since this was created, but I followed the instructions in both, and agree with Warmango that adding his line is much easier. It let me create a USB containing a lot of old software to work on any drive letter, which was great.

However, I have just tried creating a simple installer to help a friend copy a lot of old software to their hard drive, and have found that the .conf files I created with the '>mount c %cd%\DOSBox' line no longer work in their new location.

Is there any way to make a 'universal' mount code that will work on any directory?

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