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Mouse Jiggler 1.2 Portable Dev Test 1

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Mouse Jiggler 1.2 Portable Dev Test 1

Application: Mouse Jiggle
Category: Utilities
Description: from website Mouse Jiggler is a very simple piece of software whose sole function is to "fake" mouse input to Windows, and jiggle the mouse pointer back and forth. Useful for avoiding screensavers or other things triggered by idle detection that, for whatever reason, you can't turn off any other way; or as a quick way to stop a screensaver activating during an installation or when monitoring a long operation without actually having to muck about with the screensaver settings. Launcher: This portable app was made using the Launcher.

.NET Application: This application is dependent on the .NET framework and will not work on computers without it.

Download Mouse Jiggler 1.2 Portable Development Test 1
1 MB Download, 1 MB Installed
MD5: c68464890a7168e7edc722f2e68d48de

Release Notes
November 22, 2010: Initial Release