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[Dead] Spiffy 0.5.7 Portable Dev Test 1 (Gmail notifier)

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[Dead] Spiffy 0.5.7 Portable Dev Test 1 (Gmail notifier)

Dead: Development on this portable app has ended.

Application: Spiffy
Category: Internet
Description: from website Spiffy is a lightweight Gmail notifier that:
# Supports free Gmail and Google Apps mail
# Check up to 5 accounts, Inbox or custom Label
# Customize interface, alerts, icons and more!
# Tell Me Again feature for missed alerts
# Proxy support
# Autostart & Hide options Launcher: This portable app was made using the Launcher

.NET Application: This application is dependent upon the .NET framework and it must be installed in order to use this app.

Download Spiffy 0.5.7 Portable Development Test 2
1 MB download, 1 MB Installed
MD5: ffd55c3122d406644545cd5ce874887e

Release Notes
December 21, 2010: Took care of a registry value left if you tick "Start with Windows"
November 22, 2010: Initial Release