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[updated] Arora Portable Development Test 3

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[updated] Arora Portable Development Test 3

Application=Arora 0.10.0
Category=Internet [Web Browser]
License=GnuGpl v2
Screenshots= 800x600 & 200x150
Arora is a lightweight cross-platform web browser. It's free (as in free speech and free beer). Arora runs on Linux, embedded Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, Windows, Haiku, and any other platforms supported by the Qt toolkit.

Arora uses the QtWebKit port of the fully standards-compliant WebKit layout engine. It features fast rendering, powerful JavaScript engine and supports Netscape plugins.

Apart from the must-have features such as bookmarks, history and tabbed browsing Arora boasts:

* very fast startup
* integration with desktop environments
* smart location bar
* session management
* privacy mode
* flexible search engine management
* ClickToFlash plugin
* download manager
* WebInspector, a set of tools for web developers
* 30 translations

Arora began as a demo by Benjamin Meyer to help test the QtWebKit component, but since then it has grown into its own project outside of Qt.

Download Arora Portable 0.10.0 DevTest 3
Size=(Download 8.2mb / Installed 13.3mb)

Download Arora Portable 0.10.2 DevTest1 (non official version)
Size=(Download 10.9mb / Installed 11.2mb)



    -added an unofficial build of 0.10.2 of the Windows version, that is stable, contains SSL support, but is unable to load most images.
    -fixed the appinfo.ini and aroraportable.ini to meet the PAF format'
    -Added MSVCR80.dll, MSVCP80.dll, Microsoft.VC80.CRT.manifest
    -Removed the plugins folder located in %PAL:DataDir%
    -Recompiled the launcher with PAL 2.1, to fix previous errors
    -enable password saving, disabled
    -cache is disabled by default
    -startpage was set to


    -smaller size [download 7.4 mb / installed 12.2 mb] (best compression)
    -fixed errors with (Appinfo.ini, aroraportable.reg, aroraportable.ini, and help.html)
    -language support fixed (thanks to Chris Morgan)
    -passwords enabled by default
    -cache disabled for faster browsing
    -caught the 2 extra qt keys that bled out
    -added appicon_128.png

Next Release:

    -ad blocker enabled by default
    -updating to 0.10.1, 0.10.2, or 0.11.0 (depending on the next release for windows)

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Updated to Dev Test 2

After testing devtest1 of aroraportable I realized that it wasn't fully portable it still left a couple of qt keys behind, it didn't have language support, the size was much larger than it could have been, and the cache was left enabled so it was browsing much slower.

In this release passwords are enabled, the size of the install was cut down by 5 megabytes, language support is now available for many of the languages, and the qt keys have been taken care of

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Found problems...

I found some problems with the launcher.ini and the appinfo.ini.

You have to keep in mind that everything needs to be in a sequential order.

Here is how the launcher.ini should look.

For example:








1=Qt Factory Cache 4.5\com.trolltech.Qt.QImageIOHandlerFactoryInterface:
2=Qt Factory Cache 4.5\com.trolltech.Qt.QTextCodecFactoryInterface:
3=Qt Plugin Cache 4.5.false


Here is the appinfo.ini with the path to the plugins folder. The plugins folder should not be moved unless it is absolutely needed.

Here is the modified versions of the appinfo.ini:


Name=Arora Portable
Publisher=Arora Developers &
Description=Arora is a lightweight and cross-platform web browser that uses the QTWebkit redering engine.





You also have to change the file name of the reg file in DefaultData from AroraPortable to Arora_Portable.

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One last thing.

I have a lot of concerns about the known issues listed here. They are to many issues with this project at the time and I think that the portable version of Arora should wait until they are fixed. At list most of them.

Edit: I did forget to get a regshot from this program so if some one can do us the favor and a take a regshot that would be great! Thank you.

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Regards To Your Comment

What version are the problems for I looked at the web-page, but it doesn't have it listed. I am using version 0.10.0, but 0.11.0 is out for source downloads, I did however check out their blog and it seems that the errors started after 0.10.0, the only issue was slower scrolling than firefox, but I am not sure if this is their official blog or not, you can find it Here. I haven't seen any major errors in Arora at this point as for the while doing my testing, but I will take your advice and wait on the release of Arora until more of the bugs do get handled, they should have most of them cleaned up by next release, or I will try to get in touch with one of the devs of the Arora Project. As for the AppInfo.ini and AroraPortable.ini I will have those updated for those who want it here shortly, those who want the updated packages can expect them in a couple of days my schedule is loaded until probably Tuesday, but I will hope on during the nights and work on it also. I have done regshots in a clean virtual machine running xp (admin), and it came through clean minus the one qt key which I took care of, but I will find it and post it soon.

Edit: I will be running some tests on Arora to make sure that 0.10.0 does not pertain to those issues I will submit the results

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According to my tests there are only a few issues with 0.10.0, but are fixed in 0.10.2 I will try and compiling and testing 0.10.2 on windows to see if it repairs the ssl handshake, facebook (more comments), and the other errors I have found. Here is a regshot on a clean install of xp on a virtual machine:

Regshot 1.8.2
Datetime:2010/12/10 05:37:54  ,  2010/12/10 05:38:17
Computer:AC31658AE6D843E , AC31658AE6D843E
Username:Zack , Zack

Values modified:2
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Cryptography\RNG\Seed: 65 2F C2 A8 A8 56 C8 DD 74 83 DF C4 20 A3 C2 2A 45 AF AF DD 2A 46 23 BE 0B F7 39 AD DC 82 34 78 B4 28 FE AB 65 B8 56 E6 7E 0B 54 58 07 79 92 F0 3D 61 79 80 AD 61 62 71 D0 68 AD A4 A3 D5 EA 76 84 18 57 AF AD F0 69 9E 2F 28 93 00 1B 52 E0 41
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Cryptography\RNG\Seed: 37 8D 22 E5 F1 A3 6B E5 47 C3 41 5D 9D 53 A4 32 CC 0D ED 77 D1 D2 2B 90 EF CB 5A 96 D6 16 47 B4 DE 0E 34 16 C8 04 48 86 92 2C B0 40 12 3A 86 FD F8 53 47 E9 25 D2 68 98 77 2B 59 BF A7 74 04 E9 C3 C3 A6 3D 26 85 5B 1C 12 DF B0 F3 FE DA 6D F8

Files added:13
C:\Documents and Settings\Zack\Desktop\AroraPortable\Data\Profile\adblock_subscription_be2f58e9d9f001559f39b5f9826401f3b5f491b2
C:\Documents and Settings\Zack\Desktop\AroraPortable\Data\Profile\adblock_subscription_custom
C:\Documents and Settings\Zack\Desktop\AroraPortable\Data\Profile\cache\browser\http\cache_be2f58e9d9f001559f39b5f9826401f3b5f491b2.cache
C:\Documents and Settings\Zack\Desktop\AroraPortable\Data\Profile\history
C:\Documents and Settings\Zack\Desktop\AroraPortable\Data\Profile\searchengines\Google.xml
C:\Documents and Settings\Zack\Desktop\AroraPortable\Data\Profile\searchengines\Google_Im_Feeling_Lucky.xml
C:\Documents and Settings\Zack\Desktop\AroraPortable\Data\Profile\searchengines\Reddit.xml
C:\Documents and Settings\Zack\Desktop\AroraPortable\Data\Profile\searchengines\Wikipedia_en.xml
C:\Documents and Settings\Zack\Desktop\AroraPortable\Data\Profile\searchengines\Yahoo.xml
C:\Documents and Settings\Zack\Desktop\AroraPortable\Data\Profile\searchengines\YouTube.xml
C:\Documents and Settings\Zack\Desktop\AroraPortable\Data\settings\AroraPortable.reg
C:\Documents and Settings\Zack\Desktop\AroraPortable\Data\settings\AroraPortableSettings.ini
C:\Documents and Settings\Zack\Desktop\AroraPortable\Data\settings\Arora_Portable.reg

Files [attributes?] modified:2
C:\Documents and Settings\Zack\NTUSER.DAT
C:\Documents and Settings\Zack\NTUSER.DAT.LOG

Folders added:7
C:\Documents and Settings\Zack\Desktop\AroraPortable\Data\Profile
C:\Documents and Settings\Zack\Desktop\AroraPortable\Data\Profile\cache
C:\Documents and Settings\Zack\Desktop\AroraPortable\Data\Profile\cache\browser
C:\Documents and Settings\Zack\Desktop\AroraPortable\Data\Profile\cache\browser\http
C:\Documents and Settings\Zack\Desktop\AroraPortable\Data\Profile\cache\browser\prepared
C:\Documents and Settings\Zack\Desktop\AroraPortable\Data\Profile\searchengines
C:\Documents and Settings\Zack\Desktop\AroraPortable\Data\settings

Total changes:24
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It seems like development on the Windows build of this is a little dead, or at least very outdated. The current build is from October 2009, which means it is running on a webkit version with known security issues. Any chance this browser will start being updated more regularly, including the Windows release? I've removed this from the ready for release page as the current version probably can't be considered ready to release to a wider audience.

Also, the current version doesn't run on my PC (Windows 7 x64). But if I recompile the launcher with PAL 2.1 Beta 2, it works. No errors or anything and it doesn't even show in task manager.

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Windows Development

The windows development section is slow, but I am not sure why. I have tried contacting the developers about it, but they never got back to me on this. I will give it another go, but on the forums it was talking about the newest release not loading the images correctly or at all, so I would imagine that they are trying to work out the bugs with QT and the bugs with requiring the vcredist_x86.exe redistributable being installed, and until these bugs can be fixed on Windows any builds with the current releases would be "broken".

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AroraPortable has been updated to development test 3 check out the changelog above for details, and there is also another option available an unofficial build of 0.10.2 with SSL support, but images are for the most part broken, so it is not recommended for now.

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