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ClamWin Portable 0.88.4 Pre-Release - Testers Needed

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John T. Haller
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ClamWin Portable 0.88.4 Pre-Release - Testers Needed

I've just posted a pre-release of ClamWin Portable0.88.4. This new release features the following changes:

Live CD Support - ClamWin Portable now supports running directly from a CD. This will only work in its default directory layout with no INI. Be sure to run it locally first and download the latest virus definitions before burning to CD.

In-Place Upgrades - ClamWin Portable now supports the ability to do what I'm calling an "in-place upgrade". This means that you can extract it right over an existing installation of ClamWin Portable without losing any of your existing data and it'll Just Work (tm). Obviously, this will be going forward as you'll need to manually upgrade this time due to the new directory layout.

30% Smaller Install - ClamWin Portable is now 30% smaller (7.7MB compared to 10.8MB) thanks to PPS noticing that PYDs can be compressed (turns out they are DLLs).

Grab the self-extractor here:
ClamWin Portable 0.88.4 Pre-Release

Please give the new features a try and drop a note back with your thoughts.


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it works fine on xp

Ill try it on 2000 later

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Works great on Win XP SP2

Hi John!
I've been testing ClamAV Portable on my Corsair Flash Voyager 4GB since you first posted this message on the forums and I have encountered no problems at all while using on Windows XP SP2. Excellent work you've done once again!

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