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Portable AOL browser?

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Portable AOL browser?

i was looking for an application to make AOL(i know really bad isp, but i have alot of friends on there)Portable. I know you could possibly format the thumb drive making it a mini hd in a way, but i was looking at an easier way out of formating it. What im looking for is someone or people to make the new AOL portable so that i may access it via thumb drive rather than installing it on the host computer, and having to move all the program files associated with AOL to the thumb drive. Which if you are like me, you dont know everything to move to the thumb drive. Making the program worthless and frusturating for the person trying to do it on their own. I would appreciate it if someone would do this, if not explain to me how to do it myself so that i may do this to other programs i have on the host computer.

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Correct me if I'm wrong...

Doesn't the AOL browser use the IE core? If it does, that might help you a little.



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Unfortunately, as with most commercial software, this would be illegal. Plus, for much of what you need AOL for, it's unnecessary. To chat (ie AOL Instant Messenger) you can use either Portable Miranda IM or Portable Gaim. For email, just connect to AOL's IMAP server using Thunderbird Portable. Info on that is here:

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