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Some "other" ideas

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Some "other" ideas

Games -> Emu -> ScummVM Portable
Audio & Video -> Audio Editors -> Audacity Portable
Audio & Video -> Audio Editors (Ripper) -> CDex Portable
Audio & Video -> Media Players -> Media Player Classic Portable
Photos & Design -> Gimp Portable
Utilities -> File Compression -> 7zip (but i think its portable - isnt it?)


Portable Suite for Linux

Adrian Bell
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This is the most

This is the most comprehensive list I've come across:-

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Foxit & DVDprint

Foxit for pdf files (reading) & Irfanview & DVDprint for printing dvd covers -

No install required for both, so they are already portable, sooooo they can be added to this website. Or is there no authorisation for...?

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OS Categories

It sure would be nice if there was a central place for all Portable Apps (Windows, OS X, Linux, etc). Maybe have different OS categories for the Portable Apps. I'm not sure about the Linux Portable Apps but on the Mac side, seems to be a good start to reference.


Ashes for Tears
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It really would be, but I

It really would be, but I think John is only modifying Windows apps, and he has enough on his plate at the moment. Besides, when, and if, this site were to introduce Apps for other OS', the support factor would triple, and John' staff seems to be a bit compact right now. (Can you say nightmare?)

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Multiple OS's

I'm sure we all appreciate all the hard work that John and Co. has done for the Portable App (Windows) community. The suggestion wasn't really intended for the support of all OS's, merely central container or even a gateway (links) for all OS PA's. Support could be done via a forum environment via other users.

Just my $.02

Keep up the great work BTW!!!

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