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Brain training game!

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Brain training game!


I was just trying out a brain training game for the 1st time. And OMG I haven't done proper maths in years and it is very bad. I used to be so good. Well that's when I thought of you guys as I use this site regularly and like your apps.

It would be educational and fun with different levels for people to master.

Or is there something like it available already?

Kind regards

Bye M

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You need to supply the name of an app, a link to the website, what license it is distributed under and a description of the app.

See here for example. Advocate

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Good brain training Horus.

Good brain training Horus. Wink

@OP, I don't think we currently have any educational games. There are a few puzzle games which are good for exercising the mind, like Jooleam, Sudoku and a Mine-Sweeper clone.

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What kind of brain training game it is? Has every level an own mini game?

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