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i dont know if im on the right place to ask this: 1) im having problems (though its not so big) w/ the autorun.inf and the suite wont automatically start. Computer's antivirus blocks it & says that its a threat, yet there is no virus infection on both the computer and my portable apps. Is there any way to fix it?
2)i hope the suite would come up w/ something like a built-in portable firewall to protect portable devices from viruses & spywares on its future versions. If thats possible.
--thx and sorry if ever there's a fault w/ this post.

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1) You can re-install the "Platform only" version of the suite right over your existing installation to fix any autorun.inf issues related to the file being messed up. Some antiviruses and Win 7 block autorun altogether so you might be out of luck.

2) The PC owns the drive. Thats the principle and there isn't a way around that. Meaning if the PC is infected, your drive will most likely end up being infected too. I haven't heard of a solution for this problem in all my years here. And lots of people have asked this and others tried to come up with a solution.

Oh and welcome here - there is nothing wrong with asking questions Smile

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