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Extensions for FF portable not being saved to USB...

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Extensions for FF portable not being saved to USB...

Extensions for FF portable not being saved to USB...

I used to have no problems with extensions on FireFox portable as i've been using a different PC almost every day for years, and all the estensions I'd added over time were right beside me on my USB. However, after an update a few months ago I discovered that all my extensions had been wiped!

I put this down to a random bug and went about reinstalling all the extensions I could think of off-hand, taking me an hour and a half to accomplish. It's also worth noting that the main incarnation of FF portable I used was the one that came with the [IllegalSite] program. The next day I fired up the browser and again, all the extensions had been wiped. It was also becoming apparent that the supposed portable browser was actually firing up the local version of FF installed on the PC (all the machines I've used have both IE & FF installed even when I had no issues with my extensions).

I eventually contacted [IllegalSite] about it and had no response yet. Thinking it was a bug in their software, I downloaded the PortableApps version, and suffered the same consequences using that one as the [IllegalSite] version. It seems no matter what I do none of my extensions (or settings, as they're constantly being reverted to the default values each time I first fire the browser up) are being saved onto the USB - which is kind of the whole point of using the PORTABLE version! And again, each time I fire up the PortableApps version of FF portable, it seems to be launching the local version installed on the machine, rather than the portable version itself.

Has anyone had this issue and/or know of a solution to it?

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Extensions vs Plugins

For plugins, many are linked to local apps and will not save your settings as you move between PCs. For extensions, if they are standard Firefox extensions, they save their data to the profile folder (FirefoxPortable\Data\profile). Nearly all Firefox extensions will work just fine in that respect. A handful don't (Google's toolbar was always a notable exception).

Are you sure you're launching Firefox Portable by launching FirefoxPortable.exe directly? If not, it'll use the local profile (if it exists) or create one on the PC, thus rendering your settings non-portable. Our launcher automatically detects an already-running copy of Firefox and will refuse to run and alert you of this to prevent it from latching onto it.

As for the other site, discussion and links to it are not permitted here. It is an illegal software site run by one guy that passed our software off as his own for years, bundles software without permission from the trademark holder, bundles freeware without permission from the publisher, etc. Running our legitimate, legal software from his platform is unsupported and, as it may still include our stolen code, may cause other problems.

If you detail the exact steps you took to install Firefox Portable, what OS you are running on, install location, and how you are launching it, we should be able to track down the issue for you. Oh, and welcome to We hope you enjoy your stay Smile

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