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Google Chrome Portable 8.0.552.215 Pre-Release 1

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Google Chrome Portable 8.0.552.215 Pre-Release 1

I'm posting a pre-release for the new Google Chrome package before we release it as final this time. This is using Dan's upgraded launcher (set with Canary mode off so we have the real icon) that should solve any issues with password portablization in 8.0+. It's got a slightly different default data set than his earlier release as well to ensure it doesn't prompt for default browser. And this is using the new PA.c Installer 2.0.7 which incorporated 7-Zip 9.20 for getting files out of installers

With a few changes happening at once, I want to be extra careful and do a public test in addition to the usual internal tests to ensure it's working as expected for everybody. So, please give this a shot and post your results ASAP and we can get the final out. Thanks everybody!

Google Chrome Portable 8.0.552.215 Pre-Release 1 (11MB download / 34MB installed)
MD5: 06bfb0ea4dc8f7cae2eca9e62e7430b7