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where - more about Macros before I install

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where - more about Macros before I install

No I don't want an idiots guide to JavaScript, VBA etc. is the result of JavaScript and VBA.

I need a look at what is on offer in Open Office Portable macros before I decide what compatibility means. & before I invest in the learning curve.

The last time I tried (OK on desktop versions) using my (very extensive) spreadsheets larded with macros I found that VBA compatibility was not. Basically macros failed and after picking through a few obvious differences I came up with a concept that would have to be changed before I could program in OpenOffice. There were functions that just plain didn't.

No reason why they should just for me - but compatibility is clearly defined in anybody's lexicon. I have spent 10 years honing my macros, I don't want a year of obscure text manipulation errors to surface - or not surface properly. I publish information backed by 10 man years of getting it right.

So where can I see useful info on the macro facility?

Any takers?


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Your best bet would be to

Your best bet would be to download and test. We can't possibly know all the functionality included your scripts, and while many scripts may be compatible, I'm sure there are intricacies that do not work.

"The last time I tried (OK on desktop versions)"
Just to clarify, the dekstop version and the version are identical. We merely add a wrapper application to keep a user's settings portable, back up local settings, move the portable settings into the proper place, then on close, restore the local settings.

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OpenOffice Community

I think this would be a question best asked to the OpenOffice community directly, such as on the Offical OPenOffice forums, for example. I did find some (I assume) macro examples linked to from the Open Office website here:

Unfortunately, we don't really do base application support here, and this isn't a specific portable version issue.

Incidentally, I find your posts a little difficult to read. I don't say this to be mean but as a friendly recommendation that you keep your posts as brief and concise as possible.

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1) The help file would be a

1) The help file would be a good start. I am looking for a URL not base replies. Thanx 4 the leads.

2) An incomplete list of incompatibilities might be useful start if available. These are usually found in forums.

3) I have no intention of wasting 15% of my memory stick while using valuable time on someone-else's machine -getting their goals achieved.

4) Apps and Portable Apps differ. Subtlely IMNSHO. "OOo Basic" really implies this.

5) One line setting out the avowed purpose of a post is a good method of communication. Perhaps I should have ..........

It shows the poster can summarise. After that it is down to the interpreter, and that is individual. And some falls on stony ground. (Biblical reference)

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from 2008

At 20,000 feet OOo Basic and VBA are broadly similar, however there are many differences between the Excel DCOM API and the Calc UNO API, though Noel Power from Novell is leading a project to provide VBA compatibility within calc.

and now we have Libre as well.

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Best of luck

10 years, huh?
Why, you're just getting started!
In my experience, which is not inconsiderable, I've found that applications, programming languages, and operating systems continually evolve, and constant adaptation is part and parcel of maintaining computer literacy. And I don't believe that OpenOffice should dedicate its resources to perfect compatibility with MS Office's preferred macro language. So it's safe to say that if you want to migrate to an entirely new Office Suite, at some point you'll need to recode some of your macros.

I did manage to find this when googling "OOo Basic"

Best of luck adapting your macros!

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