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Bug in PTB 3.1.7??

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Bug in PTB 3.1.7??

Anyone else found a bug in PTB 3.1.7 which won't let me open multiple instances of PTB at the same time? And yes, I have set "AllowMultipleInstances=true" in Thunderbird.ini and this was never a problem with version 3.1.6, from which I upgraded today.
(and please don't question why I want to open multiple instances, this is how I set up my mail system and it has never been a problem before.)

I read ( that there is a bug-fix release out today, but cannot find if this applies to "my" problem. Apart from the "AllowMultiple..." problem, the new versions works just fine.

Anyone else with the same prblem? Any suggestions for solution?

Just rolled back to PTB 3.1.6 by "backinstalling" PTB 3.1.6 over PTB 3.1.7 which seem to work just fine - remember backup though. Now I can run 2 instances of PTB 3.1.6 and i of PTB 3.1.7 alongside each other without problems so far.

WinXP SP3, PTB 3.1.7

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TB Change

Thunderbird dropped support for the environment variable MOZ_NO_REMOTE in 3.1.7. You can achieve the same effect with AdditionalParameters=-no-remote for now.

Please note that this feature is not officially supported by or Mozilla and could be removed in a later release.

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