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Vista / OpenOffice Portable FILE EXTENSIONS (not sticking)

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Vista / OpenOffice Portable FILE EXTENSIONS (not sticking)


I seem unable to be able to set the file extensions in Vista for my OO Portable. If I double-click an OO document it asks me how I want it to be opened (What program), if I browse to the OO .EXE and hit OPEN, it does nothing.

It's annoying having to open the application each time, rather than just double-clicking the document.


J Neutron
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Don't do this

If you want to use PortableApps on your hard drive, you can, but you lose some Windows functionality such as being able to double-click on documents to open them up. You might be able to convince Windows to cooperate with you, but that isn't easy.

You shouldn't try to point anything to "oo.exe" (as you say). If you want to use the portable version, you have to point to the portable launcher of the basic program, otherwise you'll be using a non-portable version of that program. You might as well install normally on your hard drive and then you'll be able to easily associate files to it, and double-click to your heart's content.

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