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[Released] Kobo Deluxe 0.5.1 Portable Dev Test 1

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[Released] Kobo Deluxe 0.5.1 Portable Dev Test 1

Released: This portable app has been officially released and can be found here. Below is an oudated/unsupported version.

Application: Kobo Deluxe
Category: Games
Description: from a different website Kobo Deluxe is a 3rd person scrolling 2D shooter with a simple and responsive control system - which you'll need to tackle the tons of enemy ships that shoot at you, chase you, circle around you shooting, or even launch other ships at you, while you're trying to destroy the labyrinth shaped bases. There are 50 action packed levels with smoothly increasing difficulty, and different combinations of enemies that require different tactics to be dealt with successfully.

In short, Kobo Deluxe is loads of classical arcade style fun for just about any machine with graphics and sound! Launcher: This portable app was made using the Launcher

Download Kobo Deluxe 0.5.1 Portable Development Test 1
2 MB Download, 3 MB Installed
MD5: 7f6ed7b65941331208f1a0a3a5ad225a

Release Notes
December 11, 2010: Initial release


John T. Haller
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Ah the joys of open source devs and their descriptions. "Kobo Deluxe is an enhanced version of Akira Higuchi's game XKobo for Un*x systems with X11. Kobo Deluxe adds sound, smoother animation, high resolution support, OpenGL acceleration (optional), an intuitive menu driven user interface, joystick support and other features. Recent versions also add a number of alternative skill levels with slightly modernized gameplay. Kobo Deluxe uses SDL for graphics, sound and input, which makes it possible to build and run the game on pretty much anything."

Does anyone have any idea AT ALL what this is from that description? I had to click through to the site and the XKobo to find out it's a 'space shooter'. Note that the words 'space shooter' appear nowhere in that description.

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I thought that it was for

I thought that it was for Unix systems, not even *nix systems which confused me because right now PortableApps is Windows only . . . Then I decided its probably a unix game ported to windows.

I had a teacher that couldn't get the distinction between Ubuntu and UNIX right. Drives me crazy Sad

Anyway, yes, I think the description should be updated too Smile

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I guess I should read the descriptions more often Blum


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