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How can I stop Portable Firefox from being tracked?

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How can I stop Portable Firefox from being tracked?

I work in a company where they don't allow us to use other browsers besides IE.
Is there a way i can stop Portable Firefox from being tracked by the guys from IT and the proxy?
I changed the skin (it looks 99% like IE, besides the different menus), renamed the proces so it should show up as IEXPLORE.EXE
What else can i do so that the IT team does not track me down using Firefox?
Thanks in advance

John T. Haller
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This is a risky proposition, regardless. You're doing something against company rules. And if you get caught, you get fired. I highly recommend not using it in your office in these circumstances. There is no way to be 100% sure they won't catch it.

If you were doing this for some free speech reason, I'd suggest getting the User Agent Switcher extension and setting it to identify as IE as well.

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Not worth the risk

I agree, it's not worth the risk. Unless, as John said, you're doing it for some political reason.

If you're doing it just because you don't like IE then you're risking a lot just for a preference that doesn't really matter. Yes FireFox is SOOOO much better than IE, but I'd use a text based browser if that's what the people paying me told me to use!

Bruce Pascoe
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Yeah, exactly. There's really no reason to risk getting fired just so you can use Firefox over IE. Sure, IE isn't nearly as secure as FF, but if your company gets viruses or spyware because they insist on using an inferior browser, that's their problem.

I really think businesses like this are stupid. Why should they care what browser their employees are using, anyway? As long as it gets the job done, it really shouldn't matter.

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Ryan McCue
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I agree

My school doesn't like me using it, but doesn't stop me. Mind you, they can't fire me, plus I pay AUD$8000 a year, so I should get to chose my browser.
However, I hate people like that. They complain about viruses which they got from IE and call Firefox a virus. Stupid people annoy me.
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What company do you work

What company do you work for? Just out of curiosity.

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Before I found PFF People at my school just installed FF on school computer and configured the proxy. Now the CRS blocked the network settings but I already had PFF by then. The CRS closed internet acess to a whole room because they were getting virues from people useing IE. I think they want people to use IE because they want to be able to set the explorer exactly the way that will get the most viruses. But that is just my theroy. I dislike Microsoft...yet im to lazy to get linux, and too cheap to get mac.

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Process Name

"renamed the proces so it should show up as IEXPLORE.EXE"
Out of interest, and the fact i want to use it, how did you do this?

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Go into the APP folder and

Go into the APP folder and then FIREFOX, and rename FIREFOX.EXE to IEXPLORE.EXE. Then copy the INI file from the other\FFP source folder to the location of the PortableFirefox.exe, and change the section thats says firefox exccutable from firefox.exe to iexplore.exe. From then on the process will show up as iexplore.exe

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