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Suggestion: Add "one icon" tip to OO Support Page

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Suggestion: Add "one icon" tip to OO Support Page

As I was reading through all the great info on the site, I saw the "ShowSingleIconForMultiIconApps=True" tip of how to get the OO icons to show as one, but when I wanted to actually go back to that page again and make that change the ini file, I couldn't find/remember where I saw it. I went to the OO support page, but it wasn't there. I had to go to solanus's homepage link (pakins sourceforge) where I remember it being mentioned again in the write-up about Folderz.

I'm sure all you devs and volunteers have a ton on your plate, but if anyone sees fit to put this info on the OO support page it would probably be a great help to future users/visitors.

Thanks for all the great work!

(A new happy user)