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New Member's, Self Introduction

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New Member's, Self Introduction

Hello my names Mike, and I love portable apps, cause of the fact that I can run my favorite programs like Gimp, and Blender for example on a flash drive, and not have the program(s) take up space on my main HDD, and also cause normally when you install an application in windows like Gimp and you wanna uninstall it for whatever reason it'll leave extra files, and folders as well as stuff in the registry in which I feel should also be removed when uninstalling.

Also PortableApps has a lot of programs that I originally didn't know about before, and have know feel in love with like InfraRecorder, and I advise a lot of people when trying software like Gimp, or Blender to try it from here for the reasons I said above.

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Geetings and Salutations!

Ditto. (see subject)

I'm tired of people living in their fantasy world when the clock is ticking away, and when they are unable to see reality for what it is.

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Glad you're enjoying!

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I will say that it was portableapps that got me into open source and freeware apps. (I have saved alot of money lately.) A place that works to make them portable is just the cherry on top.

Welcome! The Devs are always willing to have testers to find bugs for apps to come.

Load the App and Play :evil:

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i will agree

by adding that portable apps is my source for useful portable FOSS windows apps.

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