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Windows 98

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Windows 98

Using the 'eject' feature, the PortableApps tool just quits without even removing the device (nor do programs recieve any removal messages/request)
If I remove the device using Windows, it cannot be removed (seems the PortableApps tool does not support this?)
It's a Windows 95/98/ME Mixture OS, where handling device removal is really easy compared to Windows XP. But as Windows XP is not Win9x compatible, and Win9x does not support all XP features, but I hope this issues will be fixed.
And yes, device removal definitely works on this Win9x OS!

John T. Haller
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Unsupported / Dropped

Device removal with the Platform's eject functionality is unsupported as it does not utilize the now-standard Windows APIs for safe ejection. This won't be remedied as 1.6 is the last release of the platform that will run on Windows 9x. Like most of the apps we repackage (including Firefox, Sunbird, Thunderbird, Pidgin,, etc), Windows 9x support has been dropped.

I'd suggest using at least Windows 2000. Even though support for it has also been dropped by Microsoft as well as many software packages (GIMP, Google Chrome, Inkscape, etc), our platform, utilities and format will continue to support it for as long as possible. Windows 2000 will run decently on much of the same hardware as Windows 9x.

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Another issue... so

Another issue... so PortableApps was unloaded for hours, I just found some command line tools running, which belong to PortableApps:
made visible:

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Not supported

As stated, we do not and will not support Windows 98 with that. The next release won't work at all in 98.

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The Windows 98 is no longer supported by majority of applications. There is no real need to continue using a 12 years old OS. The hardware that run Windows 98 can run Windows 2000 aswell.

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usb on w98

I can advise to install a generic driver for usb mass storage devices ffor w98 or w98se.
This will:
1. enable you to use any size of usb sticks (w98 orig supports 512mb max)
2. there will be an icon in the tray area, which will not only look, but also behave like w2k or XP version of the 'remove hardware' and it will also behave properly with the buttons of the suite, well 1.6 I mean sure.

I also still use some machines with w98 and use the older versions of things like FF or TB happy with those machines. The suite (1.6) works on w98 perfect with the generic driver and all functions too. Some icons of newer apps may not show up, but often this means the apps will not work anyway. But for that I keep most relevant apps install files in my software store, so can produce useful version any time.

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