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The "System Volume Information" folder

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The "System Volume Information" folder

The Windows operating system creates a (usually hidden) folder on most disks which it names "System Volume Information".

This is the folder where Windows stores its "System Restore" checkpoint data.

It's a "super protected" folder -- no application, not even in Administrator mode, is allowed to view or modify this folder or its contents.

Nonetheless, Toucan (v3.0.4) attempts to treat it like any other folder, and generates multiple errors as a result.

While doing a "Mirror" mode "Sync" between my "P:\" folder on my external hard drive and my "U:\ToucanBackup\P_Drive" folder on my backup drive, Toucan attempts to scan and sync the "System Volume Information" folder and produces the following errors:

"Can not enumerate the files in directory 'P:\System Volume Information' (error 5: access is denied)"
"Directory 'U:\ToucanBackup\P_Drive\System Volume Information' couldn't be deleted (error 32: the process cannot access the file because it is ..."

I get these errors even if I attempt to "Exclude Folder" on "System Volume Information"

Additionally, the one time I tried to dismiss the error box that displayed the warnings, it appeared to shut down Toucan entirely and halt the still ongoing Sync operation. Now I just leave up the error box when I get it.

Toucan needs to be hardwired to recognize "System Volume Information" as a folder that it just leaves entirely alone.

Similarly, there's no point in copying or syncronizing the "X:\RECYCLER" folder on any disk -- this is the Windows "recycle bin", and while it's possible to sync/copy its contents, I can't imagine why anyone would actually want to do so. You might want to consider changing Toucan to automatically skip that system folder as well, at least when copying from "X:\" -- you could allow someone to still clone it if desired by explicitly syncing "X:\RECYCLER".

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for the feedback, I will add this to the list for the next release Smile As for the error box were these errors not printed to the progress window? They should be and if there weren't that is also a bug.

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