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Dealing with Existing Files

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Jacob Mastel
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Dealing with Existing Files

I'm working on updating my old AutoHotkey launcher with PAL. I've come to a bit of a roadblock though.

The easiest way I can think of is to store AutoHotkey.ahk (the default script AHK.exe will run) as well as a "ScriptSupport" folder in Data (to store any icons or supporting .ahk files the user might require). AutoHotkey.ahk will be moved to %documents% and the entire directory of ScriptSupport will join it.

I have been running into the problem of an existing AHK installation being in the way. Is there an ability built into PAL to rename or temporarily move that file if it already exists or do I need to write some custom code?

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Assuming you're using FilesMove and DirectoriesMove, PAL will automatically backup any file or folder already on your file system before moving the file or folder from the portable app over.

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