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Miranda IM Portable 0.5 Pre-Release :: Testers Needed

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John T. Haller
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Miranda IM Portable 0.5 Pre-Release :: Testers Needed

I've just posted a pre-release of Miranda IM Portable 0.5 and need some folks to test it out. For the unfamiliar, Miranda IM is a very customizable instant messaging client that supports all the major networks. This release has many of the features of the other new apps, too:

Live CD & Read-Only USB Support - Miranda IM Portable fully supports running from a CD or from a USB flash drive set to read-only mode. For CD use, just burn a copy once you've run it and configured it to your liking. It will auto-detect being read-only and offer to run locally as well, which is handy for USB flash drives with read-only switches.

In-Place Upgrades - Miranda IM Portable supports the ability to do what I'm calling an "in-place upgrade". This means that you can extract it right over an existing installation of Miranda IM Portable without losing any of your existing data and it'll Just Work (tm).

WINE Support - The new launcher has been written and tested to work with Wine within your favorite UNIX/Linux distro. You can install, configure and use Miranda IM Portable within Wine without issue.

New App/Data Directories - Miranda IM Portable now uses the new split directories making it easy to get at your data.

Grab the self-extractor here: Miranda IM Portable 0.5 Pre-Release


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Miranda IM seems to work

Miranda IM seems to work fine standard, but is there anyway to have the plugins, emoticons, skins, icons and container folders save into the profile directory? Because i have installed numerous plugin's and skins, which are saved in the app directory.

Or is this just a program limitation?

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all plugins settings depend

all plugins settings depend on plugins or their authors
however I also use many plugins but I found them working portable fine

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