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TileMage Image Splitter Portable

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TileMage Image Splitter Portable

TileMage Image Splitter 2.0.1 Portable

TileMage Image Splitter is a utility designed to offer a simple solution for those who seek to slice a single image into a given number of columns and rows. TileMage Image Splitter offers a friendly graphical user interface, dedicated to the sole purpose for which this utility was built. Version 2.0.1 has fixed a bug in batch-mode image processing.

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untrustworthy source

i do not trust things from bothersoft sites. i have had bad experences and they are also known for having things that really are not legal.

the official project page with the liscense would be much better than a bothersoft link.

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Just install it on one PC and

Just install it on one PC and then copy the three installed files on any other machine. They work

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