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4 Important and Easy Suggestions for Toucan 3.1

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4 Important and Easy Suggestions for Toucan 3.1


Big Toucan v. 3.0.4 fan here!

Suggestions for v. 3.1:

When Sync Mirror Preview (to find differences in
data sets):

1. Allow user to configure to not list files
*inside* .zip files,

2. Allow user to configure font color for file
difference line lines to something wild, easy
to see!

3. Add Previous/Next buttons to go to the
previous/next difference in the data set,

4. Allow network names in source and destination
folder selection dialog boxes so we don't need
to map network drives to letters (nobody does
this anymore!)



- jahman.

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4 Is Done I Think

I believe number 4 has already been completed. Not sure about the others.

Check out the Toucan 3.1 Pre-release 1 here.

Steve Lamerton
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for the suggestions!

  1. Not quite sure what you mean here, are you saying some zip files on your computer are showing up as files?
  2. Will be in the next release
  3. Hopefully I will make it easier to see them and this wont be needed
  4. As already mentioned this is finally done
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