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Installing OOo 3.2.1?

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Installing OOo 3.2.1?

Just curious.

OOo is now up to release 3.2.1, whilst PA OOo is at 3.2.0. If I wanted to use 3.2.1. as my portable app (and I already had OOo 3.2.1 installed on my PC), would it simply be a case of copying the installed program files into the "App" subfolder in the PA OOo? I tried this earlier today and then ran a few registry checks and all seemed fine. Wondered if someone could confirm that?

Also noticed that OOo 3.2.1 includes a HTML editor (of sorts), would this be included in the 3.2.1 PA release of OOo?

Thanks in advance.
GrahamG, Cambridge, UK

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I suspect the "official" response you will recieve is that this is unsupported and ill-advised, as cannot make any guarantees as to the nature of the latest releases of OpenOffice and what is required to make them portable.

Unofficially, if it works for you, then great. Just take the usual precautions and make sure you make regular backups, and also use the software with the knowledge that you may well be leaving traces on every PC you run it on. I would also point out that future updates to OpenOfficePortable make break your existing now hybrid portable instance. Basically, proceed with caution.

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