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OOo Portable and Zotero Citation Plug-In

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OOo Portable and Zotero Citation Plug-In

I have just spent 3 full days (on and off) trying to install Zotero v2.0 in OpenOffice portable v3.2. My OS is Win7-x64.
So far, I have tried all of the suggestions in the OpenOffice forums and even thought up a few new ones, all to no avail.
I am absolutely at my wits end.
I love OpenOffice and I love Zotero and I prefer to keep them together instead of separate.
OpenOffice non-portable works fine with Zotero and so does Microsoft Office. However, I travel around a lot between home and uni so I really need my zotero library to be available to me for use in OpenOffice portable where ever I happen to be.
Has anyone out there been successful in this endeavour? If so, can you share the secret? I'm quite exhausted already and I would love to download a copy of OpenOffice that has Zotero pre-installed in it. I do consider citation/referencing to be one of the most important functions of any word processor and I think zotero is the simplest, most convenient, and useful way to do this and it should be included in OpenOffice by default.