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Differential Backups with 256-bit AES encryption

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Differential Backups with 256-bit AES encryption

I am new to Toucan, but quite impressed so far.

I want to create a simple Job that will create Differential Backups using minimal drive space, but with 256-bit AES encryption: Is this possible?

I hope to backup sensitive data to a RAID 5 NAS system.

Strange. I have just been playing with the Differential Backup feature. I created a number of text files. I created a number of Differential Backups (7z) whilst I edited the text files. They seemed to backup OK. But then when I tried to Restore them, nothing was written (no files, no folders).

Steve Lamerton
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certainly should be possible, have you tried restoring them using 7Zip itself just in case it is something Toucan is doing? The password option should give you the compression that you want.

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