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Program: Shotty
License: Freeware

Shotty is an application for taking screenshots of whole screen, a single screen, part of screen or one application window. Unlike other applications that does this Shotty provides various other features that are useful to modify the taken screenshot.

    Key benefits (from this website):

  • Screenshots in high quality
    Shotty takes screenshot including aero glass frame transparency and shadow (only if running on Windows Vista or above). It also can change your Aero Glass color automatically during screenshot, for example to get consistent screenshots that does not dependent on your system settings.
    Shotty takes real screenshots. There are no other tasks required to let the screenshot looks like the original (redraw the shadow for example) like many other application does.
  • Integrated image editor
    Shotty offers the possibility to let you modify the taken screenshot. You can crop the image, unsharpen a region to make text unreadable, highlight text like with a marker or to draw rectangles. Of course you can add text on your screenshot, too.
  • Direct screenshot upload
    You want to show your screenshot to other people? No problem. You don't need to save the screenshot and upload it the complicated way using your browser or with other applications. Shotty can upload your screenshot directly into the internet, even with only one click.
    After that you can choose the link type you want to get (for example only the link for messengers, BBCODE for forums, ...) for an easy share.
  • Easy to use
    Just press the hotkey (default is [Ctrl]+[Print]) and Shotty takes a screenshot from the active application.
    Click on the Shotty icon in your taskbar. With a right click you can configure Shotty, with a left click you can choose what to capture; the whole screen, a single screen, a selected region or an application.
  • Multiple languages, multiple image hosters
    Shotty supports the following languages:
    German, English, Italian, Spanish, Polish
    The following image provider can be used:
    Images.Devs-On.Net (Shotty's own image hoster)
  • It is freeware!
    You don't need to pay a cent for it.
    System requirements:

  • Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003 (with some limitations), or Windows Vista or later (recommended)
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 (pre-installed on Windows Vista and Windows 7)/li>

Download: From the website of this program you can download zip file containing an installer, with which you can either install program or download portable version. Here you can directly download zip file containing portable files of this program (not installer).
Shotty is not available in Format.


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Thank you

for this lovely detailed explanation of what seems like a great program. I read that this program needs .net, but for those of use forced to use windows 7 this is hardly a problem

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Shotty as portable version works on Windows Vista and 7 (pre-installed .Net framework) and on XP machines with .Net framework additionally installed (with some limitations). For me it wasn't a problem, because I work in home on Win 7 and in school on Vista.

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This is a really impressive

This is a really impressive program Biggrin

Their homepage is pretty neat. I thought it was a screenshot of their program at first, but then I saw the Linux style scrollbar, and realized it was an actual HTML page.

I'll try it out, and I think there's a high chance that I'll package it.

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Any chance for a portable

Any chance for a portable release?

Edit: Ups, sorry. Apparently the installer already got a portable option included.

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