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A good tracerout program

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A good tracerout program

Hi People!
A good tracerout program with reports on response times from all nodes between my machine and a selectable remote host would be good!

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open the commandline a use

open the commandline a use tracert on the host machine?

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and since

it is on every windows machine, it not clear what it should do more then tracert does. It is like like if someone wanted to have portable ping or even dir command or similar.

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Win tracert is about worthless

Win tracert can't pass a stateful firewall nor switch protocols depending on response. It uses simple ICMP that is blocked by a great percentage of the net.
You need something at least as powerful as LFT (see freeBSd ports).
relying on rtt response and hop expiration (like win tracert) tells you very little about a route.
Heck, win tracert can't even deal with ASN.

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You'll be happy to know that you can now grab this:

Open source, free and handy Smile

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