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portable activebasic?

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portable activebasic? is a free BASIC lagaguge develope enviroment like vb. however it is in Japanese and the compiler runs on japanese windows only. is there a way to make it portable by reading the windows region info from local ini file, so it can run on windows in other language? thanx.
you can get a copy of ab at here

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I might not understand any of the Japanese text this program is outputting, but it appears to run just fine on my English Windows XP box, so I'm going to assume you're trying to run this Japanese program on a non-Japanese Win9x/Me box. If so, don't waste your time. Japanese requires widechar (Unicode), and most other language versions of 9x/Me don't support it. There's nothing you can do to change that.

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no, that is not true 1. I

no, that is not true
1. I run AB on win2k
2. the ide(ProjectEditor.exe) runs ok, but you cannot compile the program. eg, you can load a project via the 4th menuitem in the first menu, for exmaple c:\ActiveBasic\Samples\Puzzle\Puzzle.pj, then use F7 to compile, you can find that a window flashed and disappears quickly and there is no new exe is created
3. that is true if you launch the compiler(BasicCompiler.exe) and try to compile c:\ActiveBasic\Samples\15game.abp
4. but it can compile if I use Applocale, however Applocale seems to run on winxp only

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